We provide a bespoke service where we will organise training courses and cultural experiences on an ad hoc basis for you staff groups. We have a wide range of courses including.

Irish Mobilities offers various short courses for teachers aimed at enhancing their professional development and promoting international collaboration. We can offer bespoke courses for your staff and some examples of short courses for teachers available are as follows:

Innovative Approaches to Teaching and Learning: This course focuses on exploring innovative teaching methods, incorporating digital technologies into the classroom, and promoting active learning strategies.

Intercultural Education and Global Citizenship: This course aims to develop teachers’ understanding of intercultural education and global citizenship, emphasizing the importance of fostering inclusivity, diversity, and mutual respect in the classroom.

Project-Based Learning in the Digital Age: This course explores the principles and implementation of project-based learning, with an emphasis on utilizing digital tools and resources to enhance student engagement and collaboration.

Language Teaching Methodologies: This course is designed for language teachers seeking to enhance their teaching techniques and methodologies, focusing on effective language acquisition strategies and learner-centered approaches.

STEAM Education: Integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics: This course introduces teachers to the concepts and methodologies of STEAM education, emphasizing interdisciplinary approaches and hands-on learning experiences.

Inclusive Education and Special Needs: This course provides teachers with knowledge and strategies for inclusive education, supporting students with special needs, and creating inclusive learning environments.

Environmental Education and Sustainable Development: This course explores the integration of environmental education and sustainable development into the curriculum, emphasizing hands-on activities, outdoor learning, and environmental awareness.

Digital Literacy and Online Safety: This course focuses on developing teachers’ digital literacy skills, promoting safe and responsible online behavior, and integrating digital tools effectively into the classroom.

Classroom Management and Positive Discipline: This course provides strategies and techniques for effective classroom management, promoting positive discipline, and creating a positive learning environment.

Assessment for Learning: This course focuses on various assessment methods and techniques that support formative assessment and student-centered learning, providing teachers with tools to assess students’ progress effectively.